About the MTP


Welcome to my podcast. It’s my aim to share music I find truly interesting, from a broad range of genres and styles. Some music will be familiar, some will be new and some may stretch your sensibilities a little (or a lot!).

But above all it’s designed to be a soundtrack for your life. Especially if you’re a Gen-X city-dweller like me, eh! I invite you download and share with folks who appreciate good tunes and great times.

You can also subscribe to the MTP via iTunes and Google Podcasts. You’ll get new episodes automatically as they are released. It’s as easy as that!

And if the spirit moves you, give us a follow on Twitter and Facebook or send an email to mark@markingtime.ca and I promise to get back to you right away. Thanks so much for checking out my site and (hopefully) enjoying the music!

Happy listening,

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