MTP: Episode 134


Hello and welcome to the MTP everyone! We are thrilled you’ve joined us as we get set to embark upon a memorable summer and celebrating 10 years of music podcasting excellence together.  Plus we have some big news to share!

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 134 will be our penultimate program and we will be taking the summer off to prepare a massive final episode for release on September 22, which will be 10 years to the day that we launched the MTP back in 2011.  So as we come full circle and conclude this amazing journey, we’d like you along for the ride one last time with us!

During our summer hiatus, we’d like you to think about all the great songs and artists we’ve featured over the years.  Maybe revisit a favourite past show or two.  And then we’d like to hear from you!  Send us a note via email to and include your name, where you listen from and something special you’d like to share with our audience.  Could be a favourite song or band you discovered via the MTP.  If you want to include a voice memo, that’s even better!  We will include as many of your stories as possible as part of our final episode and truly make it one to remember.

So get to work and be sure to send us your submissions in the coming months (and yes, we will send out reminders). As always, we truly love and appreciate your support.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the music.

Artist Song Album
Bill Speakman “Losing Myself (Thomas Blondet Remix)” Losing Myself (Thomas Blondet Remix) – Single
Ludic “Digital Release” Digital Release – Single
Grand Analog & Steven Mulcare “Sugar Baby” Donna Summer – EP
Colour Tongues “Wasted” Wasted – Single
Haley K Turner “Good Life” In from the Dark
Ann Vriend “Everybody Matters” Everybody Matters – Single
Whitehorse “I Wanna Make Promises (That I Can’t “Keep)” Modern Love
Joseph of Mercury “Pretty Blonde Boy” Pretty Blonde Boy – Single
Leanna Oki “Sink” Sink – Single
Lord Huron “Mine Forever” Long Lost
Liz Phair “Spanish Doors” Soberish
Michaela Slinger “Masquerade” Panorama
Orgone “Get With It” Get With It – Single
London Grammar “How Does It Feel” Californian Soil
VISSIA “The Cliffs” With Pleasure
Hot Tub “New Day” Dusk to Dawn EP

One thought on “MTP: Episode 134

  1. Hi Mark, I’m sad to hear this is wrapping up…below is my attempt at a message for you. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of years but have already often wondered how I would bring it to a close and when to determine that the end is nigh. Maybe you can help me figure that out some day!

    All my best, Kelli

    I was first introduced to the Marking Time Podcast when I’d have coffee with Mark, who I’d met through work, and his eyes would light up — even past some serious fatigue – as he’d talk about his volunteer gig as a middle-of-the-night DJ at CJSW radio. As his passion for grownup music found its way to a podcast, I started listening and haven’t stopped. I’ll confess: I love hearing music, but I don’t know much about it. I’m terrible at remembering band names or knowing the meaning of lyrics…all of it. But every time I got a new playlist from Mark in my podcast library, it was a gift that made me a little more knowledgeable. I’m sad to hear that’s coming to an end, but I suppose most things do. All my best, Mark! Thanks for all you’ve done here! — Kelli S.



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