MTP: Episode 131

Happy New Year everyone! While we can’t imagine anyone looking back fondly on 2020 just now, the fact is there was some truly amazing music released by Canadian artists during this most recent trip around the sun. And despite all the stuff we’d obviously like to overlook, we think a musical celebration is in order!

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 131 proudly features songs from 22(!) of our favourite Canadian records of 2020. And while many or our featured performers are returning veterans from MTP episodes past, we’d like to single out our new friend Haley K Turner for special recognition for her debut LP In from the Dark. She’s an up and coming BC singer-songwriter we know you’ll want to get to know better. Welcome to the MTP family Haley!!

And while we’re all focused on insuring the year ahead is better than the one in the rearview, it’s totally OK to sneak a peak back to some truly remarkable music from the year that was. Because for many of us, music made 2020 a little bit brighter on our darkest of days.

Stay safe, be well and, as always, enjoy the music. Cheers!

Artist Song Album
Kathleen Edwards “Glenfern” Total Freedom
Ken Yates “Anchor and Sail” Quiet Talkers
Haley K Turner “Alice” In from the Dark
Odario feat. Adrian X “Good Morning Hunter” Good Morning Hunter
Busty and the Bass “Figure It Out” Eddie
Le Couleur “Désert” Concorde
Fast Romantics “Only People” Pick It Up
Starpainter “Doesn’t Take Long” Bury Me by My Family
Scenic Route to Alaska “Between the Stars” Time for Yourself
Sherman Downey “Long Goodbye” New Beautiful
Land of Talk “Footnotes” Indistinct Conversations
Jody Glenham “War on This World” Mood Rock
KINLEY “Tuesday’s Child” Kinley
Harrow Fair “I Just Wanna” Sins We Made
GRAE “Ex Lovers” Permanent Maniac – EP
Andy Shauf “Fire Truck” The Neon Skyline
Sarah Harmer “The Lookout” Are You Gone
Ron Sexsmith “Think of You Fondly” Hermitage
Rose Cousins “The Return (Love Comes Back)” Bravado
Joshua Hyslop “Something More” Ash & Stone
Yukon Blonde “You Were Mine” Vindicator
Sam Roberts Band “I Like the Way You Talk About the Future” All of Us

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