MTP: Episode 17


Hello everyone – hope you enjoyed a stellar St. Patrick’s Day. I may be a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short. It was a crazy, hectic week but I managed to find time to string together a playlist for the show.

So without further adieu, it’s time for the Marking Time Podcast Episode 17. Click away to your heart’s content for some real, grown-up music! And don’t forget to drop me a note with your feedback and requests:

As always, thanks for your support. And now, here’s your playlist:

Artist Song Album
The Wild Swans “Young Manhood” Bringing Home The Ashes
54-40 “Big You Up” Casual Viewin’
Wilco “Casino Queen” A.M.
The Orb “Little Fluffy Clouds” The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
Big Audio Dynamite “Free” Planet BAD: Greatest Hits
We’re Not Popstars “According To Legends” We’re Not Popstars
Chris Isaak “5:15” San Francisco Days
Doves “Black And White Town” Black And White Town [Single]
Library Voices “Party Like It’s 2012” Denim On Denim
Barnacle Bill “The Things I’ve Done” Barnacle Bill
Madness “Night Boat To Cairo” Madness
Concrete Blonde “Your Llorona” Group Therapy
The Style Council “Headstart For Happiness” Introducing The Style Council
James “Crash” Millionaires
Emily Loizeau “Boby Chéri” L’Autre Bout Du Monde
Deadmau5 “Faxing Berlin” Random Album Title
The Waterboys “Fisherman’s Blues” Fisherman’s Blues

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