MTP: Episode 27


Winter has arrived in Calgary, and with a bit of a bang I might add. The change of seasons is never surprising in and of itself, but the nice fall seemed to give way to biting wind, snow and ice far too abruptly this time around.

No matter, music lovers, for the Marking Time Podcast Episode 27 is here to ease your wintry discontent. Another terrific hour of real, grown-up music can only help to soothe frayed nerves, wash away traffic angst and generally raise your spirits. (Speaking of spirits, there’s a Halloween treat embedded at the end of the show!)

So click your way to musical bliss and don’t forget to drop me an e-mail [] if you’d like to pass along a request or word of encouragement. And as always, here’s the playlist:

Artist Song Album
Texas “Halo” White On Blonde
Wakey!Wakey! “Got It All Wrong” Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You…
The Orbans “Songs We Sang” When We Were Wild
The Weakerthans “Tournament Of Hearts” Reunion Tour
Wilco “Sky Blue Sky” Sky Blue Sky
Winter Gloves “Gym Class” All Red
Doves “Catch The Sun” Lost Souls
The Church “Reptile” Starfish
Pacifika “Close To Everything” SuperMagique
Jenn Grant “Getcha Good” Honeymoon Punch
Louis Armstrong “I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby” Love Songs
Bryan Ferry “Don’t Stop The Dance” Boys And Girls
Goldfrapp “Ooh La La” Supernature
Kai “I Choose Me” 11:11
Lyle Lovett “Record Lady” I Love Everybody
The The “Sodium Light Baby” Dusk
Elvis Costello “Spooky Girlfriend” When I Was Cruel

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