MTP: Episode 33


Hello my lovelies and welcome back! I’m happy you’ve stopped by for another hour of real, grown-up music. I had a lot of fun putting this show together, and I hope you enjoy the musical journey you’re about to embark upon.

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 33 is a bit of a horseshoe, musicologically speaking. It starts off high, drops down in the middle and ends on a rising note. There’s also the rogue number which puts “grown-up” front and centre, so consider yourself warned if listening with the not-ready-for-prime-time crowd. Ah, the joys of podcasting versus radio DJing!!

Anyway, enough chatter. Drop me an e-mail if the spirit moves you and check out the playlist below. And don’t forget to support live music in your area by taking in a show today!

Artist Song Album
The Wallflowers “Love Is A Country” Glad All Over
The English Beat “Sole Salvation” Special Beat Service
Land Of Talk “Some Are Lakes” Some Are Lakes
Amelia Curran “Strangers” Spectators
Dean Martin “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head” Eee-O Eleven: The Best Of The Rat Pack
Bedouin Soundclash “Back To The Matter” Root Fire
Belly “Sweet Ride” Sweet Ride: Best Of Belly
Laura Peek “Violet” Key
The Feeling “Sewn (Radio Edit)” Twelve Stops And Home
Paper Lions (née Chucky Danger Band) “Beautiful Mistake” Colour
The Ocean Blue “Blow My Mind” Korda Compilation
Doves “Kingdom Of Rust” The Places Between: The Best Of Doves
Rimbombante “Diego Suarez” Maria Has Lost Her Soul
Royal Teeth “Wild” Act Naturally – EP
Slowcoaster “Fuck Last Night” The Darkest Of Discos
Tennis “Traveling” Young & Old
Zein Al-Jundi “Sharrafouni” Sharrafouni

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