MTP: Episode 38


Hi everyone. It’s been tough sledding here in Calgary over the past week. We’ve endured flooding the likes of which no one can remember. But through it all, Calgarians have pulled together and made our community proud. We love our city and can’t wait to clean up and carry on!

And we’re doing our part too. The Marking Time Podcast: Episode 38 is a soundtrack of hope and resolve to move ahead. There’s lots of great new music from Barenaked Ladies, Paper Lions, The Ocean Blue and Martha Johnson. And for the ultimate in post-flood optimism, Canada’s Jenn Grant offers us “White Dove” as a poignant reminder that better days are coming.

We welcome your comments on Twitter or via e-mail. Thanks for all your support and enjoy the program!!

Artist Song Album
The Wilderness Of Manitoba “Orono Park” When You Left The Fire
Barenaked Ladies “Boomerang” Grinning Streak
Paper Lions “Philadelphia” My Friends
Martha Johnson “My Reverie” Solo One
Memphis “I’ll Do Whatever You Want” A Little Place In The Wilderness
Tennis “Petition” Young & Old
Stars “Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It” The North
A Fine Frenzy “Rangers” One Cell In The Sea
Amelia Curran “In A Town” Spectators
The Grapes Of Wrath “Rivers Flow” Field Trip
Jenn Grant “White Dove” The Beautiful Wild
Frente! “Ordinary Angels” Marvin The Album
The Ocean Blue “Give It A Try” Ultramarine
Aztec Camera “Somewhere In My Heart” The Best Of Aztec Camera
Luna “This Time Around” Bewitched
The Primitives “Sick Of It” Pure
Gold Fields “Closest I Could Get” Black Sun – EP

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