MTP: Episode 65


Hello again everyone. I hope that you’re ready for some new beats, because I’ve got a bag full of freshly picked tunes to share with you! Get ready to feast your ears on the Marking Time Podcast Episode 65, another hour of stellar anthems you’ll want to check out and share!

There’s of course lots of music from Canadian artists, including the venerable Ron Sexsmith who’s just released his new record Carousel One. In amongst the other jewels, I should also point out new offerings from Blur, Whitehorse, Trails and Ways and A Silent Film, just to name a few.

I hope you enjoy the program and that you find something you can really dig. Be sure to help support these great artists by attending a live show near you. And don’t forget to hit us up on Twitter and help spread the gospel of real, grownup music far and wide. Thanks for your continuing support and enjoy MTP:65!!

Artist Song Album
Ron Sexsmith “Can’t Get My Act Together” Carousel One
Blur “Lonesome Street” The Magic Whip
Christina Martin “Reaching Out” It’ll Be Alright
Amelia Curran “Song On the Radio” They Promised You Mercy
Great Lake Swimmers “Zero in the City” A Forest of Arms
Boy & Bear “Southern Sun” Harlequin Dream
Kodaline “Ready” Coming Up for Air
Peter Katz feat. Royal Wood “Brother” We Are the Reckoning
Whitehorse “Sweet Disaster” Leave No Bridge Unburned
Guster “Lazy Love” Evermotion
Josh Rouse “You Walked Through the Door” The Embers of Time
Pacifika “Sal y Brisa” Amor Planeta
Trails and Ways “Skeletons” Pathology
A Silent Film “Tomorrow” New Year – EP
Alabama Shakes “Don’t Wanna Fight” Sound & Color
Max Frost “Be Who You Want To Be” Low High Low – EP
Delhi 2 Dublin “Turn Up The Stereo” Turn Up The Stereo

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