MTP: Episode 83

MTP-83Welcome back to the program everyone. It’s a great time to be a fan of #RealGrownupMusic as there are so many amazing artists making truly remarkable music right now. Summer’s in full swing and we have the tunes to keep your good times going all day and well after dark.

Case in point, I present the Marking Time Podcast Episode 83, another solid 60 minutes of (mostly) recently released songs by a wide array of bands from across the adult alternative spectrum. There’s truly something for all tastes and I think the complete product really delivers a rock solid mix of very accessible sounds.

Click to play and/or download the program for offline listening, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a fan’s delight! Remember to send us your feedback via e-mail or Twitter and we’ll be happy to take your suggestions for improving future shows. As always, thanks for your support and for sharing us with your fellow music aficionados!

Artist Song Album
Sam Roberts Band “If You Want It” If You Want It – Single
Sara Hartman “Satellite” Satellite – EP
Northeast Party House “Pascal Cavalier” Pascal Cavalier – Single
Tuns “Mixed Messages” Tuns
Kashka “Heavy Ghost” Heavy Ghost – Single
David Gray “Back in the World” Mutineers
Roosevelt “Night Moves” Roosevelt
The Record Company “Off the Ground” Give It Back to You
Kaleo “All the Pretty Girls” A / B
case/lang/veirs “Best Kept Secret” case / lang / veirs
The Model Spy “Chinaski” A Brilliant Escape
The Jayhawks “Lovers of the Sun” Paging Mr. Proust
Ron Hawkins “Sliver” Spit Sputter and Sparkle
Bob Mould “Losing Sleep” Patch the Sky
Travis “Magnificent Time” Everything at Once
Pet Shop Boys “Groovy” Super
St. Lucia “Stay” Matter

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