MTP: Episode 91


Hello everyone and welcome to 2017.  It seems our holiday hangover lasted a bit longer than usual, hence the delay of our annual retrospective to nearly the end of January.  But I think it’s fair to say 2016 was a remarkable year, if not for any of the right reasons.  Still, there was some amazing music released over the past 12 months so it’s only fitting that we take a serious look back as some of our favourite records of last year.

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 91 is a whopping 90(+) minutes of music featuring tracks from 24 of the finest albums we featured as part of Episodes 76 through 89.  It’s not a countdown (honestly, who needs another one of those?) but rather a collection of the groovy to the sublime that stands on its merits and makes for a very satisfying podcast.  As usual, there’s a healthy dose of Canadian artists in addition to some epic tunes from outside our borders.

So kindly set aside an hour and a half and really give these songs a thorough listen.  We think you’ll be glad you did.

And as for 2017 (if we survive the imminent apocalypse) you can count on the MTP to chronicle the very best music that’s yet to come.  Thanks as always for your support and here’s to better days.

Artist Song Album
Sam Roberts Band “Spring Fever” TerraForm
Trails and Ways “Intuition” Own It
The Kents “I Know” Waking – EP
The Once “We Are Love” We Win Some We Lose
Royal Wood “Weight of a Stone” Ghost Light
Tuns “Mind Over Matter” Tuns
Roosevelt “Hold On” Roosevelt
Arkells “Round and Round” Morning Report
Paper Lions “End of July” Full Colour
Sara Hartman “Monster Lead Me Home” Satellite – EP
Travis “3 Miles High” Everything at Once
case/lang/veirs “Behind the Armory” case / lang / veirs
The Tragically Hip “Machine” Man Machine Poem
Hannah Georgas “Lost Cause” For Evelyn
Tom Odell “I Thought I Knew What Love Was” Wrong Crowd
The Zolas “Cold Feet” Swooner
Pet Shop Boys “Say It to Me” Super
James “To My Surprise” Girl at the End of the World
Pete Yorn “Tomorrow” ArrangingTime
The Jayhawks “Isabel’s Daughter” Paging Mr. Proust
Wintersleep “More Than” The Great Detachment
David Bowie “I Can’t Give Everything Away” Blackstar
Turin Brakes “Hope We Make It” Lost Property
Leonard Cohen “You Want It Darker” You Want It Darker


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