MTP: Episode 24


Hey kids! It’s your old pal Mark here. Yes, I know it’s summer and I hope yours has been an absolute blast so far. But regardless of the status of your Summer Fun Index to date, things are definitely about to get better. A lot better.

That’s because the Marking Time Podcast Episode 24 is now available for listening and downloading! Chock full of brand new music and sunny day favourites, this episode is sure to please. Remember to click on the link to start the imbedded player, or right click to download the file for off-line listening. Say on your handy iPod ™ or other clever device.

But enough techo-babble. Grab a cold drink, find a seat in the sun and let the tunes wash over you. And dig the handy playlist below, in case you’d like to know who you’re listening to. Thanks as always, and enjoy the music!

Artist Song Album
Semisonic “This Will Be My Year” Feeling Strangely Fine
The Candyskins “I’d Love To Take You Home” Astrosheen (Compilation)
Echo & The Bunnymen “Sideways Eight” Siberia
The Afro Soul-Tet “Aphro Bugaloo” Afrodesia
Blue Rodeo “Summer Girls” Small Miracles
Gin Blossoms “Idiot Summer” The Best Of Gin Blossoms
JP Maurice “Mistake” Noverdubs
Catherine MacLellan “Take A Break” Water In The Ground
The Strokes “Last Night” Is This It?
Keane “Sovereign Light Café” Strangeland
Miami Horror “Summersun” Illumination
Paul Weller “Come On/Let’s Go” As Is Now
Regina Spektor “The Calculation” Far
Garbage “I Hate Love” Not Your Kind Of People
Saint Etienne “Been So Long” Good Humor
Metric “Artificial Nocturne” Synthetica

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