MTP: Episode 72

MTP-72Hello and Happy Thanksgiving Canada! I hope you’re enjoying great times with family and friends this long weekend as we celebrate all the things we love about our amazing country!! I’m thankful that you share my love of real, grown-up music and that you extend us your steadfast support.

So in thanksgiving for you, I’d like to offer the Marking Time Podcast Episode 72, a sumptuous blend of music from across the country and around the world that you can really sink your teeth into, metaphorically speaking.

I hope you will join us again in a week or two as we get ready to finish up 2015 on a high note heading into the holidays. Remember to get out and support local music in your community by attending a live show and purchasing music from the bands we feature on the show. Thanks again and enjoy the program!

Artist Song Album
Windigo “Disco” The Disco [EP]
Hannah Georgas “Millions” Hannah Georgas
Scarlett Jane “Tin Can Rebel” Scarlett Jane
Acid House Kings “There Is Something Beautiful” Music Sounds Better With You
Billy Bragg “I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night” The Internationale [EP]
Boy & Bear “End of the Line” Harlequin Dream
Guster “Gangway” Evermotion
Dar Williams “Your Fire Your Soul” The Beauty Of The Rain
Miranda Mulholland “Rope of Sand” Rope of Sand [Single]
UB40 “Where Did I Go Wrong” UB40
New Order “Restless” Music Complete
Florence + The Machine “Delilah” How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Young Galaxy “Factory Flaws” Falsework
Shawn Colvin “Steady On” Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection
The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer “Mama’s in the Backseat” A Real Fine Mess
The Charlatans “Let the Good Times Be Never Ending” Modern Nature

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