MTP: Episode 115

Hello everyone and welcome to the program. We truly have something special for you this time out, as we are featuring nothing but first-time artists here on the MTP. That’s right, the entire episode is dedicated to up-and-comers across the indie landscape, with the vast majority of artists from right here in Canada.

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 115 consists exclusively of music from emerging bands who truly deserve to be heard. The tracks are universally infectious and interesting, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

So pull up a pair of headphones and prepare to be impressed with the depth of talent we’re serving up. And please, remember to support these fine artists by purchasing their music and attending live shows where you can. Thanks!

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to our show on the iTunes and/or Google Play platforms. That way, you’re automatically notified when new episodes are released. Feel free to send your feedback anytime in an e-mail or Tweet. Enjoy!!

Artist Song Album
Hot Tub “Floating Away” Sunrise EP
Moscow Apartment “Orange” Orange – Single
James Clarke Five “Under My Skin” Parlour Sounds
Deanna Petcoff “Stress” Stress – Single
The Treble “Saturday Night” Saturday Night – Single
Mike Evin “Recovering Romantic” Recovering Romantic – Single
L.A. Foster “Honestly” Honestly – Single
Radical Face “Doubt” Therapy – EP
Jaunt “On Your Mind” On Your Mind – Single
Run Coyote “The Chase” The Chase – Single
Madelline “Ghost” Ghost – Single
I, the Mountain “The Boat” The Boat – Single
The Mooks “Let It All Fall Down” Let It All Fall Down – Single
Merival “I with Mine” I with Mine – Single
Jordan Klassen “Virtuous Circle” Virtuous Circle – Single
Nature Of “Middle of the Morning” Middle of the Morning – Single

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