MTP: Episode 116

Hello my friends. I hope your summer (or winter for our Southern Hemisphere pals) is going swell. It’s been a little while since we shared a new show with you so I hope you’ve worked up a big appetite for some #RealGrownupMusic.

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 116 is another red-hot hour of the very best in new Canadian indie music and a couple of well-sourced import tracks to boot. Our fans have made their voices heard and so we will continue to showcase emerging talent from across this amazing country.

So wrap yourselves in the Maple Leaf and get ready to celebrate the very best of the Great White North. We welcome your feedback and shares on social media and remind you to support our featured artists with your wallets whenever and however you are able.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the music!

Artist Song Album
Paper Lions “Rhythm & Gold” Rhythm & Gold – Single
Tom Boy “Lowrider” Lowrider – Single
Titus Calderbank “Mistakes” Mistakes / Could Have Done Better – Single
Bedouin Soundclash “They Gutted This City” They Gutted This City – Single
Alanna Matty “End up Alone” End up Alone – Single
LISA “Primitive Us” Primitive Us – Single
Bonobo “Kerala” Migration
Yumi Zouma “Bruise” Bruise – Single
Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics “Forgive, Live, Repeat” Forgive, Live, Repeat – Single
Jenn Grant “Keep a Light On” Love, Inevitable
Tycho feat. Saint Sinner “Pink & Blue” Weather
Laurent Bourque “Matador” Matador – Single
Ludic “2 Myself” 2 Myself – Single
East of Avenue “Paper Planes” Paper Planes – Single
Elijah Lucian feat. David Ocean “Summer Nights” Summer Nights – Single
Louise Burns “Just Walk Away” Just Walk Away – Single

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