MTP: Episode 117

Hello friends and welcome to the show! If you’re checking us out for the first time, we’re all about indie music! Our artists hail mostly from Canada but we’re known to sprinkle in some solid international tracks as well. Think of us as your 1-hour on-ramp to music for grownups.

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 117 spans 16 tracks and nearly 60 minutes and contains some hot new artists and a few stalwart veterans as well. The perfect soundtrack to the changing of the seasons, this one will pull you in under the covers and leave you warm and satisfied.

So give a listen and if you like what you hear, share us with your friends and on social media. We also keep an old-school e-mail account as well, if you’d like to drop a line. As always, remember to support our artists with your dollars by buying their music and attending live shows. Thanks for listening and enjoy the music!

Artist Song Album
Armstrong “The Things That Pass You By” Under Blue Skies
Marissa Burwell “Scaredy Cat” Scaredy Cat – Single
Nutrients “Such Slime” Such Slime – Single
The High Loves “Tried Too Hard” Tried Too Hard – Single
Hey Major “The Station” The Station – Single
Thomas Blondet & Steven Rubin “Misophonia” Misophonia – Single
Wildlife “Wasted” Take the Light With You
Sam Weber “It’s All Happening” Everything Comes True
Men I Trust “Days Go By” Oncle Jazz
Innes Wilson “Of Love and Lost” Of Love and Lost – Single
Union Duke “Ladidadida” Ladidadida – Single
Kasador “High Rise” High Rise – Single
Jane’s Party feat. Skye Wallace “Straight from the Heart” Straight from the Heart (feat. Skye Wallace) – Single
Gnarfunkel “Take Me to the Ocean (Hot Tub Remix)” Take Me to the Ocean (Hot Tub Remix)
Lily Frost “Cruel World (Nickel & Dime)” Retro-Moderne
Basement Revolver “Wax and Digital” Wax and Digital – EP

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