MTP: Episode 47


Hey there! Hope you and yours are well and adjusting nicely to 2014, now that we’re a full month in. Whenever I turn a page on the calendar, it always feels like it’s time for some new music. Luckily, I’ve got just the thing!

Introducing the Marking Time Podcast Episode 47, a choice blend of vintage tunes and newly minted tracks designed with the #realgrownupmusic fan in mind. There’s something for almost any taste and (I’m guessing) something new you’ll enjoy and want to hear more of!

I always love to hear from listeners, so give a shout via Twitter or e-mail and I’ll promise to get right back to you. Check out the playlist below and share us with your friends if the spirit moves you.

And last, but most importantly, remember to support the artists you hear on the show by catching them live and by buying their music!!

Artist Song Album
The Lonely Forest “Two Notes And A Beat” Arrows
The BoDeans “Still The Night” Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams
Elvis Costello “Hidden Charms” Kojak Variety
Black Dub “I Believe In You” Black Dub
JP Maurice “Bison” Noverdubs
Raleigh “Balloon Boy” New Times In Black And White
Harbors “Glass Heart” Harbors
Thunderball “The Mysterious Mr. Sandobar” Cinescope
Raul Malo “Lucky One” Lucky One
David Bowie “Dancing Out In Space” The Next Day
Luke Doucet “Outlaws” Aloha Manitoba
Colleen Brown “As The Crow Flies” Direction 1: Major Love
Broken Bells “After the Disco” After the Disco
POLIÇA “Chain My Name” Shulamith
Washed Out “All I Know” Paracosm (Bonus Track Version)
Josh Rouse “I Will Live On Islands” El Turista

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