MTP: Episode 88


Hello friends or, since it’s Halloween, perhaps hello FIENDS! (Sometimes I crack myself up. But not this time.) In any event, no tricks for such a great audience, just lots of treats in the form of a bag full of real, grownup music. In particular, we are pleased to welcome first-time artists Paper Pilots, Hollerado, Jane’s Party and Carleton Stone to the program!

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 88 is another hour of great tunes for fall, featuring the very best in Canadian and international indie pop and adult alternative selections. And while you may not scare anyone, having MTP:88 on repeat will surely impress your guests, be they costumed or not.

So grab some grog and entertain all those ghouls and goblins with us as your soundtrack. And feel free to send along your curses and spells via e-mail, Twitter and just recently added: Facebook. You’ll feel better and so will we. And don’t forget to support the fine artists we feature here by purchasing their records and catching them live in concert. Thanks as always for your support and for keeping the MTP in your mix!

Artist Song Album
Northeast Party House “The Haunted” Any Given Weekend
Goldfrapp “Beautiful” Supernature
James “Catapult” Girl at the End of the World
Lloyd Cole “Everysong” Antidepressant
Tennis “Viv Without the N” Ritual In Repeat
Trails and Ways “Happiness” Happiness – Single
Wintersleep “Santa Fe” The Great Detachment
Fortunate Ones “Without a Name” The Bliss
Paper Pilots “The Weather (Juno Ray Remix)” The Weather (Juno Ray Remix)
The Elwins “Show Me How To Move” Play For Keeps
Hollerado “Pick Me Up” White Paint
Aqua Alta “Awaken Waiting” Dreamsphere
Jane’s Party “Coming on Strong” Tunnel Visions
Carleton Stone “Climbing Up the Walls” Draws Blood
Tom Odell “Magnetised” Wrong Crowd
the once “Gonna Get Good” We Win Some We Lose
Boy & Bear “Hollow Ground” Limit of Love

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