MTP: Episode 122

Hello to friends, fans and fauna of all stripes. We’re glad to have you check out our podcast! It’s a great time to be a fan of #RealGrownupMusic and to celebrate some of the best of the indie pop and adult alternative genres anywhere on the interwebs. If this is your first visit, thanks for giving us a listen and please share us with your friends!

The Marking Time Podcast Episode 122 is the second of our 2-part look back at our favourite Canadian records of the past decade. Last show we shone our MTP spotlight on the years 2010-2014 and this time out we crate dive the top albums from 2015-2019, once again highlighting three special LPs from each year.

So get comfy and start streaming! And stay tuned next month as we continue to bring you the latest and greatest sounds from across Canada and around the world! Thanks for your support and enjoy the program!! 🙂

Artist Song Album
Zerbin “Kids in the Forest” Darling
Great Lake Swimmers “Shaking All Over” A Forest of Arms
Fortunate Ones “Lay Me Down” The Bliss
The Darcys “Miracle” Centerfold
Ria Mae “Clothes Off” Ria Mae
The Zolas “Freida on the Mountain” Swooner
Fast Romantics “Radio Waves” American Love
Port Cities “The Out” Port Cities
Rose Cousins “Freedom” Natural Conclusion
Arkells “Saturday Night” Rally Cry
Yukon Blonde “Crazy” Critical Hit
Megan Bonnell “Your Voice” Separate Rooms
Jenn Grant “Favourite Daughter” Love, Inevitable
Bedouin Soundclash “All Tomorrows” Mass
Men I Trust “Air” Oncle Jazz
Miranda Mulholland “Bar Rage” By Appointment or Chance

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